Let Your Voice Be Heard Radio – Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill & Interviews with Lisa Bloom [Behind The Scenes Footage]

March 6, 2014

Check out the behind the scenes footage (and drama) of “Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio” on March 2, 2014.


After facing a firestorm of backlash, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed SB 1062 which would have granted private business owners the legal right to discriminate against LGBT customers based on their religious beliefs. Although the bill was shot down, other states like Georgia, Ohio, Mississippi, Idaho and South Dakota are currently considering similar legislation. We explored the legality and policy behind these laws and questioned whether they protect religious freedom or grant the freedom to discriminate, featuring: John Lewis, Director of Legal & Policy at Marriage Equality USA


In wake of the two year anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death on February 26, 2012, we talked with Lisa Bloom about her new book “Suspicion Nation,” which offers new insight into the George Zimmerman trial and the role of racism and gun laws in our country. We also questioned whether Florida’s state prosecution is to blame for Zimmerman’s acquittal.


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