FUBU Co-Founder J. Alexander Martin Tells His Life Story

December 25, 2013

In this full-length interview, the co-founder of FUBA, J. Alexander Martin, sits down with DJ Vlad and talks about being adopted into a family that provided him with business goals and structure at a very young age. The legendary fashion designer also talks about growing up in Queens and meeting two of his future co-founders at FUBU (Daymond John and Carlton E. Brown) while they all attended middle school together and being introduced to the company’s fourth member, Keith Perrin, years later when they were in high school. From there, Martin talks about practically being forced to join the military by his dad and the positive effect that the experience had on life before he was “medically discharged” due to an on-base car accident that left him half-paralyzed. Moving along, he talks about returning to New York, doing blue-collar work instead of hustling, enrolling in FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) for fashion, and reconnecting with Daymond John before laying the groundwork for their future company, FUBU. Martin explains that the developmental stages of the company started with his $6,000 investment into Daymond’s signature tie-top hat designs.

As the conversation moves along, Martin talks about growing up with LL Cool j’s brother, living with the co-founders while they were trying to launch their company, working nearly 24 hours a day, and finally seeing his hard work pay off. Martin goes on to talk about getting $300K worth of orders at a magic show before discussing why Samsung invested in FUBU and their iconic “GAP” commercial with LL Cool J in 1998, earning $350 million within 12 years, collaborating with “GAP,” owing Universal Records money and more.

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