Demi Grace x Kimmy – We Are Not Alone

June 2, 2014

“We Are Not Alone” is written by singer and model Grace “Demi Grace” Ayorinde, lyricist and model Paul “Kimmy” Ijadunola and produced by 2014 Nigerian Entertainment Awards nominee: Music Producer of the Year, Duncan Daniels. Although based in different regions of the world; Demi Grace, Kimmy and Duncan are Nigerian and were all raised in London! Demi musically teamed up with Duncan Daniels in NYC after being introduced to each other at an event Demi hosted alongside famed Nigerian artist, Banky W. After an hour or so in the studio, Demi and Duncan collaborated on a composition they both were working on before they ever met! After the song was created, Demi approached Kimmy about putting his touch on the song with a thought provoking verse. Soon after, “We Are Not Alone” was created.

“We Are Not Alone” is music and lyric for the soul. The lyrics channel the vulnerability of the listener and simultaneously provide support to emotion it provokes. In this song, Demi reaches for the listener that feels depressed, hurt, unheard, unseen and literally tells them they are not alone. Devastated in the wake of the tragic kidnapping of the girls of Chibok, Nigeria, Demi decided to also dedicate this composition to the victims of the missing girls and the girls themselves and brings awareness to the heartbreak in the music video. With a heart of service, Demi’s hope is that this song and video will bring more awareness to the missing girls, their families, the victims of extreme misfortune, internal and external war. Demi’s hope is that this song will reach those that feel alone and know that they are not alone.
You can find out more information about each artist here:
Demi Grace
Duncan Daniels

“I Am Fearless EP”

Featured Producers:

Lovy Longombas
Duncan Daniels (Dunkishrock)
Daniela Rivera
DJ Cuppy
Alexander Wilson

Written by Grace”Demi Grace” Ayorinde

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook; @iamdemigrace

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