Tribe Toronto – New Queen Street

September 11, 2013

This instrumental is from the second album thats called: Champion$ from a producer name Fine$t Beats known from Tribe T.O Fine$t GQ:

A group of talented individuals from Toronto who embrace and love the late 80’s and early 90’s golden age of hip-hop era. Tribe Toronto brings down town Toronto on Queen str. west into a hole new level. The Tribe is always on that street to bring back a full throw back to 1989 and revive that street into a full entreatment. In the group we have Retro heads that sell their 80s-90s gear, The wrecking crew know as the two main dancers of the group and the other members that brings more flavour to the group. Enjoy the retro movement that the tribe represents Queen str West into to its fullest effect!


Tribe Toronto:…

Retro Heads:…

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