Cocoa Sarai – Retrospect

September 19, 2016


“Hindsight is 20/20” – It is easier to see a situation for what it really is AFTER it has happened. In other words Growing Pains! “Retrospect” is the first of many Music Video’s to be released off of Cocoa’s latest album “Nostalgia | The Vibey EP” A “Freewrite” as Cocoa calls it due to the fact that she went in the booth and let her heart speak instead of using pen or paper, It feels more like a conversation with self…because it is. On this record unlike the vocal power in “Raining In My Room’ or the aggression in her single “Wait A Minute” Cocoa finds a way to make us all reminisce in a soft and sultry low register as she asks the question “If this is how you treat some that you love, I’d hate to be someone you hate” Produced by frequent collaborater “V-Notes” the duo finds a way to make us face ourselves, no distractions or fillers just pure honest retrospective questions. “How did I get here” Cocoa teamed up with Director Yvedy of SevenSees Productions to create the visual which is out NOW!!! Remember to get your copy of “Nostalgia | The Vibey EP in Stores now!!!!

Shot & Directed by: Yvedy (Seven Sees Productions)
Written & Performed by: Cocoa Sarai
Produced by: V-Notes

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