Boshia – Hit The Party on The Floor

Boshia – Hit The Party on The Floor

October 31, 2016 2 Views

With the highly anticipated release of her debut EP “I am Boshia”, Boshia RaeJean, the unapologetic multifaceted and unlimited artist ventures to fill the spaces of the world with daunting originality, while also hitting the masses with a serious throwback to the decades of when music undoubtedly encompassed the total package of the artist. In classic golden era style of hiphop visuals, Boshia and her production company Weinfinity wins in her cleverly strategic team- up with Director and visual creative Nimi Hendrix of Secret Society in the delivery of a stunning neo- noiresque motion picture packed with high- energy choreography sequences by Stephanie Soto to match the funky fast-pace dance track produced by Zpella.

-Dancing is my first nature, and so naturally I felt that the video for “Hit The Party On The Floor” needed to have that high-energy, rich and fun party- flavor to compliment the song. I am constantly inspired by sound and movement, and this made me want to show some of the things that inspire me musically, and in this case the video is part inspired by D Prosper and Natasha Diggs’ regular Friday night event “Soul In The Horn” at Subrosa in the meat packing district, downtown Manhattan. The event is literally a showcase of the world of dancers and everybody else who just enjoy having a great time and are indifferent to the scrutiny of others.

On the inspiration behind the inspiration of the song production, Boshia laughingly throws her head back with smiling intentful eyes fixed on the ceiling, locks wavering before grazing temples and forehead as she gathers composure to elaborate.

-It was all about fun! I intended to take everybody back to the times where everything about music was fun, pure and simple. Back to the times where when it sounded so good to you you would break into crazy grooves because you were effectively rocked! Zpella knew the style of sound I wanted to go for and created something so dope that matched both my energy level and voice. D Prosper’s Friday night “Soul In The Horn”- party definitely also played a central role for the sound formation as well. It continues to be a place where original music performances and eclectic ways of expressionism are welcomed. You feel free to be who ever you are and just let go!

She vibrantly express her movement by great instrumentation and horns; sampling and the classic analog feel in music that she recalls was exposed to her as a child. Diana Ross and Whitney Houston represent two of her musical idols in great musical range, further speaking of the prevalent inspiration of hiphop emerging from funk, disco and soul.

“Hit The Party On The Floor” displays Boshia’s unlimited femme fatale with her expansive prowess in performance and entertainment. It’s a late night city- light, energy- packed, sultry noiresque motion picture that furthers the reemergence of the classic multifaceted artist in full respect to entertainment, no short change.

Boshia’s full EP “I am Boshia” officially drops 4/28/17.

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